BMW Z10 ED Eco-Supercar

BMW Z10 ED Eco-Supercar

New details have emerged about BMW’s very secretive eco-friendly super sports car. The Z10 ED Eco-Supercar is an alternative engine spin-off of their M1 sports coupe (pictured below) – and will be engineered by the very secretive Technik division at Beamer – responsible for bringing us the Z1 and Z8 vehicles.

bmw Z10 eco supercar

The ‘ED’ in BMW Z10 ED stands for Efficient Dynamics – a combination of fuel-saving technology and enhanced performance. We are hoping for something that can still pump out 400 horse power while under the control of a hybrid engine. BMW and Technik are playing around with a 6-cyl turbo charged engine that can work along with a lithium-ion battery. No word on an official pricing, but speculation seems to be around the $113,000 mark. In today’s economy, that might as well be one-million.

5 Responsesto “BMW Z10 ED Eco-Supercar”

  1. Im in love with dis car id kill for it

  2. I’m guessing that anyone who says ‘dis’ wont get within a million miles of this car!
    Hows about you get an education first & rather than ‘kill for it’ you work for it instead.

  3. Great shout stewartmac1. That guy is clearly a knob. Brilliant car though.

  4. Well in his defense, “Mr Producer” Producers earn a lot of money and would have an easy chance at driving in a car like this. Regardless of the fact that they can’t spell. However just hypothetically speaking of course. But this car is definitely high end, and would be gorgeous in the color red or black. I wonder though how they plan to design the interior.

  5. It is a nice looking car but BMW could of been more adventurous with the front end styling to try and mimick that of the M1 Concept Car they built in homage to the original M1.

    Looking at this, the front end looks like a revised version of the Peugeot 406 Coupe!

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