BMW Z4 Vs Porsche Boxster

The folks over at BMW Blog have given us the rematch of the century! (at least in automotive terms) – with an all new Porsche Boxster vs. a BMW Z4. Well, actually the guys at Fifth Gear did the test, but we found this video on BMW’s blog and want to give ’em some props.


“This time around, the Z4M won with a clear advantage, while the Boxster was left behind. And now, the Fifth Gear is trying to find out will the new generation of Z4 be able to conquer Boxster once and for all. Truth is that the new Z4 has became some 150 kgs heavier, but at the same time, the power has been increased. Some have also complained that the new version is softer and more forgiving than the old car, which has much to do with BMWs decision to release a smaller, more clinical roadster Z2 in 2010.”

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